10 Things Not To Forget When Travel To Keep Your Luggage Safe

10 Tips Hacks To Make Your Luggage Safe While Traveling

10 Essential Tips To Keep Your Luggage Safe While Travelling

As you know Nowadays, we hear so many cases of pickpocketing and theft while traveling so it is very important to take necessary steps for making our luggage safe. Moreover sometimes even we are so much in a hurry to reach the destination that we forget our belongings in the traveling vehicle. Whether we are traveling by bus, train or flight very often we all come across this kind of situation.

So here, we came up with the 10 important tips to keep your luggage more secure.

1)  Separate your precious items from the luggage:

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Always keep a small carry bag with you which holds all your precious and important things such as camera, laptop, wallet, mobile phone, jewellery, passport etc. These all things are expensive and which can be easily stolen so, keep it along with you. Use luggage rack only for heavy belongings like clothes because even the staff members are not properly treating the rack luggage. They are not taking complete responsibility of your luggage. So better keep your precious belongings with you only.

2)  Use locks for fastening your bags:

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Lock your bags properly. Apply proper security code. If your bag doesn’t hold a security lock then lock it manually. Also, fasten your bags with chains to the pole or other solid objects which can’t move. So, you can freely move around as well you can freely take a nap in between. Take the two keys of one lock and keep one key with you and give the other key to your family member. If they are traveling with you then it’s good if you lost your key they can open the lock and if they are not traveling with you then you can receive it from courier.If you have applied security code then do not write it everywhere. Write at only one place so, if you forget you can refer to that source.

3)  List down your all belongings:

Make a list of your all belongings properly and check them each time when you place it. So, if anything is missing then you can immediately reach the last stop where you have placed it. Make a list of belongings as per bags. So, it would be easy for you to find easily the particular belongings.

4)  Use unique colorful luggage:

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The reason behind choosing unique luggage is you can easily find your bag as well as thieves would not steal your bag because it is easily identifiable. Choose bright colors for your luggage so, it would not mixed with other luggage bags.

5)  Use two tags per bag:

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Stick one tag on the outside of the bag and place the other inside the bag. You can claim your luggage easily if you have put your tag inside the bag. For privacy issues, you can limit your contact information to the email address only. You can denote surname, name initials, and destination contact numbers on the outer tag. But put all information like Name, Contact information, Destination place with contact number etc on inside tag.

6)  Don’t trust too friendly fellow passengers:

If fellow passengers are more trying to be friendly than be aware. Do not eat and drink anything given by fellow passenger. Try to look tough. Thieves are preferred humble people over tough people. Never ever asked to take care of your luggage while you roam around in the vehicle. Exceptions are there if they are your relatives, friends or acquaintance.

7)  Divide luggage responsibility:

If you are traveling alone then take only necessary belongings. Do not overload with unnecessary things which you can’t alone take care of. If you are traveling with family then divide the luggage responsibilities as per the family members. From starting to end one member is responsible for one bag so he/she has to take care of limited belongings which they can do it easily.

8)  Ask seat numbers to fellow passengers:

Do not hesitate to ask a seat number to a new passenger who enters after you. Check their seat number or if you can’t ask directly then pretend like you are helping them out in searching their seat.

9)  Always  reach before time to avoid unnecessary stress:

How To Keep Luggage safe while travelling

Thieves are always in search of people who are late and about to miss a flight, train or bus. Because only these kind of people are so in a hurry to catch the vehicle that they forget to take care of belongings and even passports. So, reach early and find your seat earlier.

10) Use QTrace Device – Smart Luggage Bag & Items Tracker:

Goal of QTrace? : Our main aim is to try to minimize user’s time to find misplaced or lost item easily.

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Where Can I use QTrace: You can attach this device with below Item.

  1. You can easily attach to your Car, Bike, Home and any type of other important  Key to track location.
  2. Men’s wallet, girls purse, ladies wallet or with any important item.
  3. Ranked as a one of the Best Dog & Cat Tracking Devices of 2017.
  4. Smart Luggage Bag, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Tracker Devices.

How Can I purchase this device?

You can Pre-order the QTrace Device on the sale to get the maximum discount. Get your Device from here: https://www.theqtrace.com/products. Download the QTrace application in your mobile. The application is available in Android versions. Now, pair the device to your mobile application and attach the device to your luggage. Now you can trace your luggage easily. If your luggage misplaced or maybe it would be stolen then you can easily find the location where you have missed it or where thieves had taken your luggage.

Precaution is always better than cure. So, be on a safe side and protect your precious belongings.


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