Why WordPress is The Best CMS For Development?

For Business, it’s time to build a website with Content management system, but confusion to select, best CMS for development and you want to know about its benefits. List of CMS available for website development like WordPress, magento, Joomla, Zend, Joomla and more. In which, I personally preferred to WordPress, But why WordPress?. So here is described all advantages of WordPress that helps to decide and build a website with CMS.

WordPress has been used from 2003 for blogging and website. WordPress offers free blogging to all users but several user does not know about how to create a blog, you can also choose own domain name in WordPress blog by becoming a premium member. And build CMS website with WordPress, it offers extension and components to create a website.

Wordpress benifits

Advantage of  Wordpress:

SEO Friendly

You can not rank if you have not good SEO friendly website. WordPress has capabilities to follow google guidelines and inbuilt functionality to create SEO friendly websites. And have other functionality of plugin that helps to manage SEO on page optimization.

Easy Installation and Updates

It has always been easier to install WordPress. If you have FTP program, you can create a database, upload using FTP, and run the installation. If you do not know about installation, visit WordPress partner websites for installation guidelines. WordPress have also a capability to easy installation of plugins and components.

No HTML and FTP Required

Uploading media and document with FTP is very time-consuming, so to avoid this WordPress provides functionality that directly upload video, images, content without FTP and not require to log in every time with FTP and inbuilt functionality of HTML that not require setting text format every time.  

More Secure

WordPress provides full spam protection. WordPress offer software and component security at development. Recently WordPress released new WordPress stable version of 4.1 that has a more powerful capability of security.

Best at Administration and User Management

If your website that has high traffic then it should have capabilities to work perfectly, WordPress best at this administration. It has the power to manage traffic to itself. And when talking about user management, not require same access to a website such as an administrator manage the content and media and user can create a profile page with his login.

Amazing Features

WordPress popular because of its features. First is, it offers unique WordPress themes for development, in a market variety of theme available for development. The second is a large collection of extension, components plugins and a module that creates extra functionality and features for your website, it’s depending on your application requirement.

Cost Effective

WordPress is an open source CMS for development, so not require an extra cost for development. and it can be affordable to small and large size businesses.


With a use of WordPress you can able to create any type of application such as a personal blog or website, business website, personal website, e-commerce website, government website even for a network website also you can use a plugin and desirable themes for WordPress own customization, so WordPress is so flexible at website creation.

Final Note

After checking all benefits and specification, you are aware with the best CMS for development. Now, you have small or big organization and want to create a business website with WordPress CMS then you have to check Amar infotech WordPress Best development services to build CMS website.


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