Best JavaScript Frameworks And Libraries For Development in 2016

Javascript framework list

Looking for the Javascript frameworks? Javascript and HTMl have been used for creating a web application, but with, generate lots of code that creates confusion for the developers, so to concentrate on work rather than code Javascript frameworks used.

Why Javascript Frameworks?

For single page application, Always needs to develop an application with javascript framework, because it only has a single page that not looks interactive with Javascript and HTML.

Developers Always needs a Concentrate on work. Without a use of framework generate lots of code and error, so fast and reliable work, It is necessary to develop an application with Javascript frameworks. However, To create interactively and best user interface javascript frameworks used.

List of Javascript Framework available for the development here mentioned all popular application Javascript framework that helps to best development.

Google Trend Comparison Graph Of Top Javascript Framework

javascript framework comparison Graph

Above Google trend graph, displaying a comparison of the top 5 frameworks performance by that you can analyze, which are the most popular framework in 2016. In a graph, one of the best frameworks is react.js that top on the comparison of the other frameworks.

Popular Javascript Framework List

1. AngularJS

Type: Javascript WebApplication Framework
Javascript Framework For Frontend Development

Angularjs - javascript framework for Apps

Angularjs that provided by Google. It is open source and MVC Javascript framework which simplifies web development by offering automatic view and model synchronization . It is a new, powerful, client-side technology offers a very neat MVC structure that embraces and extends HTML, CSS and Javascript.

HTML is best to create static web apps but it not able to create a dynamic application, so to approach this Angularjs has been used. Use of Angular’s data binding and dependency injection helps to code writing. It is not a single piece to build client-side application because it handles DOM and ajax glue code that already defined and arranged in the good structure.

Angularjs goal is to purify both the development and the testing of such applications by providing a framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) architectures, along with components usually used in rich Internet applications.

Two-Way Data Binding – js variables are bound to your input element controls in HTML or other attributes of many other elements and you can add watchers to variables in your models, all these done by Angular.js

Angular has some special functionality for common work such as AJAX and single page application and it adds code more perfectly that do not create complexity and confusion .

AngularJS compatible with desktop and mobile browsers MVC framework. It is  100% javascript and 100% client side.

2. React.js

Type: Open Source Javascript Library for application development
Javascript Framework For Frontend Development

Reactjs - javascript application framework

React is a popular Javascript framework in 2016, which is the collection of a library for creating user interfaces by Facebook and Instagram. React is smart to ‘refresh’ because it automatically refreshes when new data available.

Angular is a library for complex user interfaces and mostly used in V and MVC framework. It gives the important to UI components which present data change over the time.

Nowadays, an application creates with the HTML directives or templates and these templates full set of abstractions that allows building your user interface. But when we talking about react, it uses a full featured programming language to readers views and it approaches user interfaces differently by breaking them into components.

React.js virtual DOM that can be used both ways either client side or server side

Why React.js?

  • Best with creating complex and large size application
  • Refreshes Automatically when data changes
  • Easier to extend and maintain

React allows you to build small, reusable components that encompass the template and the Javascript logic behind them.

3. Vue.js

Type: Javascript Application Framework
Javascript Framework For Frontend Development

vuejs - web application javascript framework and Library

Vue.js is Javascript library that helps to interactive web interfaces application for MVVM framework pattern. The main goal of the Vue.js is to provide benefits of reactive data binding and composable view components with an API that is as simple as possible. It primary focus is on the view layer only, so it’s easy to integrate with other libraries or existing projects.

To use Vue.js for creating single page applications is the best option.

Building large scale apps with Vue.js also best idea because it has the best collection of a library that designed to be focused and flexible.

Vue.js is popular because it has components system that allows us to build large scale applications like composed of small, self-contained, and often reusable components.

In Vue.js, view model that created using the Vue class. if you are wondering about what is view model then it displays your data inside a view

4. Aurelia.js

Type: Mobile, Desktop and Web Application JavaScript Framework
Javascript Framework For Front-end Development

aurelia framework

Aurelia.js is a Javascript client framework for mobile, desktop and web leveraging simple conventions and empowering creativity. Aurelia.js that created by Rob Eisenberg and team and is an open source framework.

Aurelia.js has two way data binding to any object. With its flexible techniques select a most efficient way to look at each property in your model and automatically synchronization your user interface.


  • Aurelia is composed of smaller, focused modules and capability to use them together as a full featured framework or pick and choose to build a custom solution, so it has an ability of modern architecture to create apps.
  • It has custom extensible HTML that compiler create custom HTML elements and add custom elements to existing elements and control template generation
  • Aurelia.js have capability to routing & UI composition

5. Babylon.js

Latest Version: Babylon 2.3.0
Type: 3d Game Development Framework

babylonjs - javascript game development Framework

You are looking for a best video game creation?? Babylon is a Javascript framework for Video Game. It offers developers ideal approach for crafting feature rich WebGL creations from animated logos and fully 3d design.

Babylon firstly introduced next to Internet explorer. First official support for the WebGL API. You can create a high-quality video game with this.

Final Note:

Google Graph Comparison and view all the top JavaScript framework, you are now aware of Javascript Frameworks. If you have now any query about JavaScript framework, you can mention in a comment. I will give you a solution. You can Also build your single or multi-page application with best Web development company.



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